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Be Best You Foundation | A worldwide foundation that empowers people to be optimally self reliant and courageous

Mission statement

BBYoU Foundation is committed to bring the best out of every person without discrimination

Vision statement

To be a worldwide foundation that empowers people to be optimally self reliant and courageous

Our core values

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Hardwork
  • Team work

Systematic mentorship training in Soysambu village ongoing. 

Diana Adegu, CEO – Be Best You Foundation covers actionable plan for Solutions to water, food, and poverty problem in Nyakach, Kenya

Be Best You Foundation – CEO, Diana Adegu brings you 21st Century solutions for poverty in Africa in the context of Soysambu Village in Rural Kenya, Africa


Nasimiyu is unusually happy today. The happiest she has been in her life. The smile and the glitter in her eyes tell it all. It is as if a new lease of life has been promised to her and indeed it has. See, when the sun rises for most of us it means a new day. A fresh opportunity and rejuvenated energies to go out and about running our lives often with something to look forward to. Yet it is not so for everyone. The way this teenage girl here at Soysambu ward in Bungoma sees it is a lot different.For her it is yet another twenty four hours to contend with the poverty and the state of near-helplessness that lack has put her in. She is the first born of six children and they barely get by. Truly, the cloud that looms over her life is that of insufficiency and impossibility. Read More

Systematic mentorship program Tongaren constituency

The CEO, Diana Adegu talked to the girls about being the best in everything they do and stop undermining themselves. She spoke about the systematic mentorship program that was to cover issues of appreciating education, sexual education and personal excellence. She gave a promise to walk with the girls till completion of education to ensure their excellence. She also rebuked girls getting into premarital sex resulting in teenage pregnancies.

Chief engineer Boaz Bosire addressing the girls on benefits of teamwork . He used an illustration of a candle that lights the other candles, its light never diminishes. He therefore encouraged them to succeed one needs to share what she learns in order to continue excelling and lighting the community

Chief Development Officer EMILY KHAEMBA takes time to encourage ,sensitizing young girls on need to develop talents and participate in constructive activities that aim  at developing mind ,physical ,social and spiritual health of girl child.

Ward administrator addressing the girls where he talked about his appreciation to Be best you foundation for considering Soysambu village in this mentorship program. He talked about how morals had segregated and assured the foundation of His full support in running their activities

Assistant chief ,key note speaker in Bbyou foundation Launch give sensitizing young mentees who turned up. She was passionate about this program as it centred on girls, she is also a woman. She talked about her dreams of seeing young girls excelling in the community and she was grateful to the foundation for making this a reality. She encouraged the girls to make the best out of this opportunity so that they can redefine their future

Best you foundation-TrainingAfter a successful interview process, five competent youths were selected to be volunteer trainers. We had a full day training on the curriculum, passing on our vision, soft skills, financial management and personal presentation. What a success it was to see the excited mentors ready to coach the mentees

Be best you foundation was finally launched. We had the blessings of the ward administrator, assistant chief, the school heads, out mentors, board members and sixty girls that were enrolled to the systematic mentorship program. The girls will undergo serious follow up training in sexual education, education and personal excellence. They will then be taken through art skills to be self reliant. This will be a four month mentorship program. It is a blessing to impact the community

Upcoming Events

We are currently in need of trainers and mentors. Incase you want to volunteer, kindly send your resume and cover letter to bebestyou@gmail.com

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